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3 Ways Room Color Impacts Your Mood October 5, 2018

Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Pickens
3 Ways Room Color Impacts Your Mood, Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Georgia

Color has long been renowned for its psychological effects. There’s a reason specific moods are associated with certain shades, and they’re often the deciding factor in selecting the most appropriate interior painting colors for the home. But why do hues play such a major role in how you feel?

How Do Room Paint Colors Affect Your Mood?

1. Pastels Boost Spirits

When people evoke messages of positivity, they’re usually spoken with a smile. There’s warmth in the inflection, and a certain confidence that shines through with every word. Light pastel colors mimic the same spirit, just like sunlight streaming through the window. They recall joy, happiness, and special moments—a day spent at the beach, for example, or a fun afternoon at the park. Shades such as yellow, blue, lavender, and baby pink are all examples of hues that promote an uplifted state of mind.

2. Neutrals Set Tones

Tate, GA interior painting Think of the neutral colors in your interior painting book as the earthy, welcoming hues that foster a friendly environment in your home. While the shades seem subdued at a glance—brown, gray, beige, and black are some of the most common—their beauty is in their versatility. By setting the mood with a single neutral tone, you can establish the relaxed effect you desire by asking your painting contractor to pair it with contrasting hues. When you step into a room that’s so beautifully balanced in color, you’ll feel similarly at ease.

3. Dramatics Evoke Power

Some interior painting options are naturally darker and more intense at a glance. For the effervescent personality that constantly craves excitement and is the life of the party, a shade like orange, purple, or red has the potential to make waves. Just walking into a space with one of these shades splashed on the walls will create a livelier ambiance—an effect that’s sure to have an impact on mood, even indirectly.


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