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What Can You Do With CNA Training? September 21, 2018

Springfield Gardens, Queens
What Can You Do With CNA Training?, Queens, New York

If you want to train in the medical field and qualify for a wide range of nursing work, you can study to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA training doesn’t grant a full nursing degree, but it opens the door to provide care at many institutions and in clients homes. Here are the major responsibilities of a CNA and how you can apply your skills after a program.

On the First Line

CNA trainingAs a CNA, you will work closely with patients daily, providing most of the regular nursing care they need to maintain their health. In this position, you’ll observe them and note any changes in their condition. As such, you will be the first line of defense against new or worsening symptoms. Should any issues arise, you would communicate these concerns to a nurse or doctor who can provide tailored medical care.

Where You’re Needed

Once your CNA classes are complete, you have several options for providing care. Some CNAs choose to apply their talents in schools and day cares, keeping students healthy and alerting parents to any problems. For a very large portion of the workforce with CNA training, their ideal work environment is a nursing home or retirement community, providing everyday assistance to residents. You may also find work in rehabilitation facilities or as a home health aide to help patients recover and return to their normal lives. In all these cases, you provide life-changing care to someone in need.


If you’re interested in applying for CNA training, the IGBANS Institute of Vocational Training in Queens, NY, is the area’s foremost source of education in this field. Their 125-hour CNA courses and 30-hour industry externships will prepare you to provide quality care and nursing services to patients and ensure you meet state requirements for providers. To enroll, call (718) 276-8100 today or review all their available courses online.

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