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What to Think About When Choosing Carpet for Your Home October 5, 2018

Barnesville, Belmont
What to Think About When Choosing Carpet for Your Home, Barnesville, Ohio

Flooring materials are one of the most important components of making your house a home. However, there are so many options to choose from that picking the right color and material can be daunting. While hardwood, vinyl, and tile all have their benefits, nothing beats the comfort and simplicity of carpet. As with any material, you’ll need to make sure you understand how much to order and what types and styles will work best for the room. Here’s what you need to think about when selecting the perfect carpeting for your house.


Unlike other flooring types, carpet is available in many different colors and textures, ranging from neutral to bright and vibrant primary colors. While versatile, it can be difficult to match the perfect shades and textures with your existing furnishings and decor. Bring home a few swatches and hold them up to the various decorations in the space. If you’re looking for a versatile flooring color that can complement any scheme, opt for a neutral beige. To add a distinct pop of color, consider matching the flooring with your favorite accent in the room.


CarpetCarpeting comes in different piles or thicknesses of the fibers. Higher pile rugs have longer fibers, offering a softer and more cushioned feel. Low-pile options have shorter fibers that are less plush but easier to clean. In high-traffic rooms, low-pile carpeting is best as it will show wear and tear less than high-pile options. However, if you’re looking to make a room as comfortable as possible, installing high-pile rugs and carpeting will make the space feel more luxurious.


Carpet is available at many different price points, but when it comes to flooring options, you get what you pay for. Bargain prices often reflect poor quality materials. Installing these low-quality options in your home will often leave you looking for a replacement in a few years. When you invest in a quality flooring option, you’ll know the materials will stand up to daily use—without showing extensive wear.


If you’re looking for the perfect carpeting for your home, contact the team at Flag Floors of Barnesville, serving the Greater Belmont County, OH, area. Their dedicated flooring professionals will help you find the perfect materials for your space. Whether you’re looking for vinyl flooring for the kitchen, tiles for your bathroom, or luxurious carpet for your master bedroom, they have everything you need to upgrade your space. Learn more about their services online, and call (740) 425-3344 to discuss your project today.