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Star-Studded Updates From Stand Up NY Comedy Club June 9, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Star-Studded Updates From Stand Up NY Comedy Club, Manhattan, New York

What better treat than to stop by New York City's Stand Up NY one evening, only to find that a favorite celebrity comic is there, making an appearance? These kinds of surprise visits from your favorite comedians are part of what makes Stand Up NY the best comedy club in the city.

Here are the kinds of incredible comedians you can expect to see at Stand Up NY on any given day: 

  • Amy Schumer - The same week that she stopped in (on May 18th and 21st), Amy also announced that she will both write and star in an action comedy. She has also been praised by the media lately for her humorous but very on-point criticism of body-shaming. In honor of Amy's visit, Stand Up! NY donated $500 to Autism Speaks, a cause meaningful to Amy herself.
  • Chris Rock - Chris Rock joined Amy during her visits to Stand Up NY. He's in the process of collaborating with her on an HBO special, as the director of project. They began filming on May 29th, just a few days after their visit!
  • Judah Friedlander - You probably know him best from movies like Meet the Parents, and the popular comedy 30 Rock. He dropped by on May 21st to a delighted crowd. Judah recently created a new book of drawings and cartoons called If the Raindrops United, which you can pre-order it today.
  •  Dave Attell - You know and love him as the host of Comedy Central's Insomniac with Dave Attell. He came for a visit just the day after Judah on May 22nd. Dave is currently on tour, with his next appearance scheduled for June 10th in Providence, RI. 


Skip your summer vacation, forget a night at the pool, and definitely don't go to the gym. You'll get a great ab workout laughing and eating pizza at Stand Up NY all summer long. Call (212) 595-0850 to purchase comedy club tickets...and to avoid missing a surprise celebrity stand-up routine. You should probably just come every night, you know, just to be safe.

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