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3 Uses for Virtual Reality at Your Next Event October 9, 2018

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3 Uses for Virtual Reality at Your Next Event, Silver Spring, Maryland

At your next live event, whether it's a brand exhibit, an industry conference, or a team-building corporate exercise, consider adding virtual reality to the mix. It will attract attention, entertain your visitors, and leave a lasting impression. Below are three possible uses of this cutting-edge technology

3 Ways to Use Virtual Reality at Your Live Event

1. Demonstrate Your Products

Virtual reality (VR) is an ideal way to demonstrate your products to visitors at a trade show. It's particularly valuable if your products are large, heavy, and difficult to transport or if you wish to demonstrate a service. For instance, instead of relying on photos of their finished work, a landscape design company could ask visitors to don a VR headset and immerse themselves virtually in a garden complete with water features, flower beds, and landscape lighting. There's no better way to show potential customers what you can do.

2. Engage Guests With Virtual Reality Games

Virtual reality in Silver Spring, MDVR gaming is ideal for corporate team building excursions; it encourages creative thinking and helps members learn to communicate, collaborate, and bond. But it also engages guests at any event. Even a simple scavenger hunt virtual reality game will stoke attendees' interest and keep them entertained and engaged. Visitors will carry with them memories of this experience—and therefore your product—that are much more effective than any printed brochure.

3. Incorporate Branding

In addition to visitor engagement, virtual reality games provide an opportunity for branding. Your corporate logo—or those of the event's sponsors—can be incorporated into the VR environment. As guests travel through your virtual world, they can see or even interact with your brand images. For instance, your logo might adorn a pot of gold that's been the object of their VR quest.

Virtual reality games are only the tip of the iceberg. You can incorporate a VR headset into your next live event in a number of valuable ways. Contact CRōME VR in Silver Spring, MD for more information. They serve Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia, and can help you bring off an event your guests will never forget. Visit their Facebook page to connect with them online or call (301) 984-0500 to discuss your options.

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