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How Are Full-Frame & Insert Replacement Windows Different? October 9, 2018

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How Are Full-Frame & Insert Replacement Windows Different?, Orchard Park, New York

From updating the look of your home to keeping energy costs low, there are plenty of reasons to invest in replacement windows. Deciding between full-frame or insert window installation is the first step to take before scheduling an appointment with a window contractor. To help you decide, below are differences between the two types of replacement windows. 

The Entire Unit Is Updated With Full-Frame Window Replacement 

replacement windowsIf you want to alter the size or shape of the windows, full-frame replacement is the best solution for your needs. During installation, a technician will completely remove all components of the current unit, including the frame, trim, sashes, screens, and glass panels. This makes it easier to resize the opening to your exact specifications. The technician will use pry bars, circular saws, and additional equipment to disassemble and remove the entire installation. Full-frame replacement is also the preferred method when updating any windows that aren’t square or when the frame is severely damaged.

Insert Windows Fit Inside Existing Frames 

If you have a square window frame that isn’t damaged, opt for insert replacement windows. This approach is also best if you don’t want to change the size or shape of windows. During installation, the insert is simply placed in the existing frame. Although the current frame, trim, siding, and casing aren’t removed, it’s best to take out the exterior stops and sashes during installation to make it easier to place the new fixtures.


If you need replacement windows, the technicians at family-owned Modern Window of New York, serving homeowners throughout Erie County, will tend to your project. Since 2001, locals have turned to the company for high-quality new windows, as well as impeccable repair and installation services to improve the performance of their investments and reduce energy costs. To schedule a service appointment in Buffalo or the surrounding area, call (716) 873-8800. Visit the window repair and installation experts online for special offer opportunities and Facebook for project photos. 

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