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3 Key Staging Tips When Selling Your Home September 21, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
3 Key Staging Tips When Selling Your Home, Brighton, New York

The listings are up, buyers are interested, and it’s time to start with open houses and private showings. This is a key phase when selling your home, and staging plays a significant role in how it will be received. It’s especially important if you’re aiming to sell quickly and maximum profit, and there are several best practices to follow. Sticking to the steps listed below will help you make a strong first impression and find a buyer quickly.

Selling Your Home? How to Stage It Effectively

1. De-Clutter

When prospective buyers walk through, they want to see a clean, welcoming space where they can see all the details. Clutter makes rooms feel smaller and hides important features, so move unneeded items into storage. Not only is a clean, organized home more welcoming, but it also lets buyers envision how their belongings will fit.

2. Go for Symmetry

selling your home Rochester NYPersonal style goes out the window when it comes to staging. You want a style that will appeal to the broadest range of buyers. Symmetry is one of the most useful tools, so rearrange living room and social areas to make the furniture feel balanced and inviting. The right seating arrangement will also encourage prospective buyers to sit and start a dialogue with you and your real estate agent.

3. Stay Neutral

When you stage, your home has to become a blank canvas. A quick interior design reboot can make a significant difference, and muted, neutral colors are best. These shades are subtle and sophisticated, so prospective buyers like what they see and begin to imagine how they’ll complete the decor. Pale neutrals can also make spaces look bigger by reflecting natural light, which can entice buyers to reconsider a home regardless of its size.


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