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3 Easy Steps to Prep the Septic System for Cold Temperatures September 21, 2018

Carmel, Putnam
3 Easy Steps to Prep the Septic System for Cold Temperatures, Carmel, New York

As the temperature grows colder and the days become shorter, it’s vital to ensure the septic system is sufficiently prepped for the change in season. While these units are located underground, they can be susceptible to winter weather and may develop internal issues that result in costly repairs. Avoid this unnecessary hassle by following the three simple preparatory steps listed below.

How to Get Your Septic System Winter-Ready

1. Invest in Regular Septic Service

One of the best things you can do for the septic system before the cold weather arrives is to have it serviced by a professional. A full inspection could reveal different areas that show signs of wear and tear. Repairs and cleaning prevent unexpected incidents and keep the unit running smoothly year-round.

2. Clear the Yard

septic systemAny items that are positioned on or near the grass that’s growing above the septic tank can be a hassle to move when there’s an emergency requiring direct access. Put the lawn chairs and fire pits in storage and rake up any leaves that collected in the yard. Move lawnmowers and other such equipment to their designated parking spaces to prevent accidental damage. The steps you take now will eliminate wasted time and ensure the septic system receives the timely care it deserves.

3. Monitor Water Use

With the amount of precipitation that falls during the fall and winter months, it’s recommended to limit the amount of water that’s flushed into the septic system. Install low-flow water fixtures and seal any leaks found within the plumbing. Reposition downspouts and sump pumps, so they don’t flow into the drain field, and you’ll instantly alleviate the amount of stress that’s put on the system.


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