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3 Actions to Try Before Scheduling Computer Repairs October 3, 2018

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3 Actions to Try Before Scheduling Computer Repairs, Akron, Ohio

Computers have become so integral to success in an academic environment that it can be frustrating when they aren’t working like they’re supposed to. If your device has been acting oddly while you’re working on your latest essay or problem set, it may make sense to seek a professional for computer repair. Before you take that step, however, there are few actions you can take on your own. 

Steps to Take Before Computer Repair

1. Restarting & Retrying

One of the most effective tools Mac® users have when something isn’t working is to restart the computer. Whether it was freezing or behaving erratically, there are many cases when a restart will iron out the problem, and it’s always worth trying before you head in for a computer repair. If the device doesn’t charge, try another charger before deciding your original one is the problem. 

2. Activity Monitor

computer repairA lesser-known trick is to consult a program on your computer called the Activity Monitor. This app, which is built into Mac computers, gives you a window into what is occupying your device. Click over to CPU and take note of anything that seems to be occupying a large percentage of the available space. You might find that by closing a program or deleting the suspicious element your computer is restored to its usual performance.  

3. Disk Utility

You can also try a different Mac app called Disk Utility. This app comes with a first-aid program to inspect your computer and then runs processes to try and solve whatever is wrong. If you take your computer in for repairs, the experts will run a more powerful version of the program, but it can be useful to try the built-in version first. 


When college students near Summit County, OH, are having trouble with their Apple® products, the experts at Experimac Akron provide advice and support. For persistent problems, the veteran technicians can perform swift repairs on any Apple device. Their 90-day limited warranty on all services gives customers extraordinary peace of mind. The next time you need a computer repair, call (234) 334-5006 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more about the shop. 

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