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Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Metal Roofing September 25, 2018

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Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Metal Roofing, Belgrade, Montana

Many homeowners opt for metal roofing materials, as they can provide durability, an attractive appearance, and a long lifespan. Yet, maximizing the longevity of this type of roofing still requires some maintenance. To ensure your investment remains beautiful and continues to protect your family, follow these maintenance tips.

Maintenance Tips to Remember for Your Metal Roofing

1. Remove Debris

To keep your roof in ideal condition, you should clear debris off of it every couple of weeks. The surface of the roof can be incredibly slick, especially if it becomes wet. This may cause leaves, twigs, and other types of debris to gravitate towards your gutters and cause blockages. This will keep water from draining properly during the next rainstorm, leading to possible leaks. Metal chips or shavings should also be removed promptly, as they can oxidize and cause rust stains.

2. Secure Screws

metal roofingStrong winds can often dislodge nails, screws, and other fasteners from the roof. This allows the metal panels to become loose, making them susceptible to damage if another storm passes through town. To avoid this expensive issue, you should make sure all screws and fasteners are securely attached. Carefully inspect these components after any storm and replace any pieces that are loose or missing.

3. Prime the Surface

Finally, you can protect your roof and prevent erosion by prepping and priming the surface. Carefully apply the primer along the roof after debris has been cleared. This layer will ensure rain and wind won’t damage the material or eat away at the surface. In addition, if you notice any scratched or damaged areas, you can cover these spots with touch-up paint.


By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure your metal roofing lasts for many decades. When you need supplies, visit Northwest Drywall & Roofing Supply in Kalispell, MT, for the latest in top-quality tools and materials. Serving the community for more than 27 years, they are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They’ll offer any advice or guidance for your residential roofing project. To view their expansive inventory of contractor materials, visit them online. You can also call them today at (406) 752-2644 with any questions you may have.
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