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Computer Repair Tips If a Desktop Won't Turn On October 9, 2018

Kalispell, Flathead
Computer Repair Tips If a Desktop Won't Turn On, Kalispell, Montana

One of the scariest moments for a computer owner is when you switch your machine on and nothing happens. If you’re in this position, don’t panic. Your files are almost certainly safe, and there are a number of computer repair tricks you can try to get your computer working again.

Steps to Take


Computer RepairFirst of all, check all the standard IT support solutions, like turning it off and on, making sure your monitor is on, and checking for any loose or unplugged cords. If that doesn’t bring your computer to life, take note of what does happen when you hit the power button. Does your computer tower stay completely silent and dark? Does the power flicker on and then turn off? Does the computer get stuck in a series of automatic reboots? This information may be needed later.

Test Your Power Supply

Next, try plugging in another device, like a lamp, to the same outlet. Is it getting power? If it is, and if you use a power strip or surge protector, unplug your computer from the strip and try it directly in the wall.

Try It Without Attachments

All your USB devices and other extras are potential culprits for your computer problems. Try unplugging everything and starting the computer up again. If it works correctly now, reintroduce the devices slowly, one at a time, to see which interfere with the computer’s operation.

Note Your Error Message

As your computer boots up, it will perform a number of diagnostic checks on itself to make sure everything is working correctly. If it’s not, the computer will try to give you that information so you can fix the problem. This may take the form of an error code or message onscreen, which you should write down; or it might mean a beep code, a series of short and long beeps with each possible sequence having a different meaning.

Turn to a Professional

While there are a few techniques you can try at home, more complex computer repairs should be left to the experts. Take your computer to a local repair store, and describe what happens when you try to power on your equipment. Also, provide them with any error codes you received. This will give them a head start in diagnosing the problem.


If you need computer repair, head to RadioActive in Kalispell, MT. Their knowledgeable computer and cellphone repair personnel have 60 years of combined experience with a variety of electronics, and they will help you get your system up and running again whether the issue is damage, a virus, or anything else. For questions about your system, call 406-257-5999 or visit their website.

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