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The Must-Know Do's & Don’ts of Denture Care January 8, 2019

The Must-Know Do's & Don’ts of Denture Care , Anchorage, Alaska

If you have several teeth missing, dentures can be a simple and comfortable way to restore your smile—and your chewing abilities. But while these prosthetic devices can reliably replace missing teeth, they do require proper care to work effectively. If you’re considering dentures—or already have them—here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow when caring for these devices.


Brush daily.

Like natural teeth, dentures should be cleaned regularly to remove food debris and bacteria. To keep your prosthetics spotless, brush gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush once a day. However, you should avoid using any kind of toothpaste, as these products contain ingredients that could harm the denture’s porcelain surface.

Soak overnight.

denturesYou should put your dentures in a special cleaning solution every night or whenever you remove the device. With an effervescent action, these solutions remove buildup that can cause foul odors, hygiene problems, and stains. When they aren’t in use, keeping your dentures moist will prevent them from drying out and warping.

Clean mouth after removal.

When you remove your dentures, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash and brush your gums. This will help remove oral bacteria and food debris that can contribute to gum disease and other oral infections.


Place on hard surfaces.

While porcelain dentures may be strong enough to chew, they can become damaged if they are dropped on a hard surface—such as tile flooring or a marble countertop. Always place the device on a soft towel to protect it from breaking.

Put back in without rinsing.

Denture cleaning products can contain chemicals that can irritate the mouth and be harmful to health. As such, you should make sure to fully rinse your prosthetics after soaking them in a cleaning solution.

Skip dentist appointments.

Although dentures can last up to eight years, they require regular care to stay in good shape. Part of this care involves visiting your dentist regularly to ensure that the device is fitting properly and not contributing to any oral health issues.


Whether you need to replace missing teeth or want to enhance your denture care, Four Corners Dental Group offers comprehensive services to keep your smile bright and healthy. Providing general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry treatments, this clinic can comfortably guide you through every step of the denture process from initial fitting to routine cleaning. To learn more about the ways this Wasilla and Anchorage, AK, dentist can enhance your oral health, visit the clinic online. For appointments, call (907) 258-3384 to reach the Anchorage office or (907) 376-2790 to speak with the Wasilla team.

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