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Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your HVAC SystemHartly, Kent, Delaware

Valid from September 17, 2018 to November 23, 2018
Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System, Hartly, Delaware

Since fall is a relatively mild season, it seems like a time when you might pay little attention to your cooling and heating system. Autumn is one of the best seasons to upgrade your HVAC unit. With some guidance from Air Doctorx Heating and Air, an HVAC contractor in Hartly, DE, you can quickly understand the advantages of acting before the holidays, all while saving some money in the process.

Why Fall Is the Ideal Season for an HVAC Upgrade

  • Decrease Utility Costs: When you act on your upgrade during the fall, it means you’ll have the new system all ready to go by the time the temperature starts to decrease. Since you’ll need to rely more on your system then, having it perform at a higher efficiency will help reduce your utility bill each month.
  • Keep Your Family Comfortable: Since HVAC companies tend to be more available during the autumn, you can receive service right away. Even a single day’s delay during the winter can be extremely unpleasant as residents deal with a chilly house.
  • Gain Flexibility: With the holiday season, you may have friends and family staying with you. With the help of a ductless cooling and heating system, you can control which room gets how much heat, making it especially easy to adjust as guests come and go. 

Capitalize on a Rebate From the Professionals

cooling and heating systemTo help customers cut costs even more, Air Doctorx Heating and Air is offering up to $500 with an instant rebate for every new Mitsubishi Electric® system. The system must be installed by a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, and you must purchase it between Sept. 17 and Nov. 23, 2018. As long as you give some prior notice, there’s a chance you may receive approval for more than one cooling and heating system for each house. 

With the ductless units, you can expect higher efficiency, better air quality, and superior control. Customers like James V. have loved the Mitsubishi Electric units: "Installed a new heat pump system, and it works flawlessly! Work is top notch and far superior to other contractors I've dealt with. No one will ever touch my HVAC but Air Doctorx!" 

Redeem Your Rebate Today!

When you’re considering upgrading your current HVAC unit to a ductless cooling and heating system, there is no better contractor to help you than Air Doctorx Heating and Air. With their fall rebate, you’ll wind up with an amazing system at a steep discount. To learn more about their deal, call (302) 492-1333. You can also find out more about the company by visiting their website

This deal is no longer available.