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How Skipping Car Tuneups Will Cost You Big Later September 20, 2018

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How Skipping Car Tuneups Will Cost You Big Later, Loveland, Ohio

As a vehicle owner, you have many responsibilities, from making sure you have enough gas to taking care of any necessary repairs. But are you bringing the vehicle to a mechanic for regular car tuneups? While it might seem like a waste of time, not engaging in regular maintenance could actually cost you big down the road. Here’s how.

Extend Your Car’s Life Span

Your vehicle was a significant investment, even if you bought a lower-priced, pre-owned one. Most modern cars are made with high-quality parts that will last for at least 15 years. The last thing you want is to have to get a new car simply because yours broke down early.

During a car tuneup, a mechanic will do a thorough assessment of all the components and ensure they are working properly and are not showing any early signs of issues. This will help extend the life span of your vehicle.

Avoid Tickets & Medical Bills

car tuneupsThe potential costs of skipping maintenance don’t just stem from the price tag of a new vehicle. If yours is in particularly poor condition, a police officer may pull you over and issue you a heavy fine in the interest of protecting other drivers on the road.

Furthermore, if you’re not apprised of your car’s condition, you might unknowingly be driving in a vehicle that is no longer safe to operate. This increases your risk of getting into an accident and hurting yourself or someone else, which could result in devastating medical bills.


For the sake of your safety and wallet, don’t skip car tuneups! Head to the team at Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service in Loveland, OH. For over 30 years, their ASE-certified technicians have offered a variety of services and ensured area drivers stay safe behind the wheel. To learn more, call (513) 683-7852 or visit them online today.

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