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The Victors Gym has been the premier private gymnastics facility in Greece, NY. As a USA Gymnastics Member Club, they offer safe, supportive, and fun classes for boys and girls ages 2 years and up.

4 Fantastic Benefits of Starting Kids in Sports at a Young Age October 9, 2018

Greece, Monroe
4 Fantastic Benefits of Starting Kids in Sports at a Young Age, Greece, New York

It should come as no surprise that children love to play. Their high energy levels and enthusiasm allow them to approach different sports with an excitement not always found in older age groups. As a parent, you want to encourage that passion and playful spirit. While children can start sports like recreational gymnastics and tumbling at any age, it’s best to start them early. Here are a few surprising advantages of getting your child involved in a sport like gymnastics at a young age.

4 Benefits of Enrolling Kids in Recreational Gymnastics When They’re Young

1. Develops Teamwork

Teamwork is important in all aspects of your child’s life and can benefit them well into adulthood. By starting your child young and allowing them to become a part of a team from an early age, they’ll grow up in that environment, be better prepared to encourage others as they grow, and will already know how to work well with others by the time those high school group projects become a mainstay.

2. Skills Increase More Rapidly

Recreational GymnasticsKids are constantly learning new things and seem to absorb the rules, techniques, and routines used in recreational gymnastics like sponges. This aptitude for learning new things quickly allows their skills to build faster than they would at an older age. As your child improves, they’ll be more prepared to enter into competitive gymnastics should they want to when they’re older.

3. Less Likely to Suffer Injuries

As you age, your muscles grow stiffer and exercise becomes a chore rather than something that feels more like play. The less you move, the less flexible you become and the higher risk there is of injuries and muscle strain. By enrolling your child in sports and gymnastics, you’ll give them a solid foundation for flexibility and functional strength that can only benefit them as they grow up.

4. Makes Other Sports Easier

Once your child is exposed to one sport, it makes learning others easier. The skills they have in teamwork, communication, physical fitness, and flexibility all carry over into other disciplines. Best of all, it allows them to continue their interest in physical activity and encourages them to become passionate about more than just their favorite gymnastics disciplines.


Want to give your child a jumpstart on sports? Enroll them in recreational gymnastics at The Victors Gymnastics in Rochester, NY. Their friendly instructors are proud to help kids develop skills that last a lifetime. Whether your child is just starting to show an interest in tumbling or has a burning passion for the uneven bars, they have a class that’s perfect for them. Check out their current classes online and call (585) 663-4810 to schedule a gym tour today.

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