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Which Contacts Are Best for Your Eyes? October 9, 2018

Spencerport, Monroe
Which Contacts Are Best for Your Eyes?, Spencerport, New York

Contact lenses can help you see clearly without affecting your style. However, with so many different options out there, choosing the right type of contacts can be overwhelming. It’s important to keep your vision requirements and lifestyle in mind when selecting contacts. Here are some of the available options to choose from:

Soft Contact Lenses

Made of flexible plastic and water, soft contact lenses are very comfortable and can be adjusted with ease. The water content in these contacts makes it easier for oxygen to get to your cornea, reducing the risk of dry eyes and other issues. However, soft contacts can soak up smoke and other irritants easily, increasing the risk of irritation and infection. These contacts are also delicate and can break easily without proper care.

Hard Contact Lenses

contact lensesHard contact lenses maintain their shape when placed in the eye, so they can feel a little less comfortable than soft contacts. They are made from silicone and typically provide sharper vision than soft lenses. These contacts are also very durable and less likely to attract irritants and bacteria. Hard contacts are recommended for people who play sports or are worried about getting eye infections.

Disposable Soft Lenses

Disposable soft contact lenses are removed and thrown away at the end of the day, and a new pair is applied to the eye the following day. Because you discard these contacts every day, they won’t have a chance to accumulate secretions or deposits that increase the risk of eye infections. Disposable contacts also offer convenience because you don’t have to worry about cleaning them every day.


If you need assistance choosing the right types of contact lenses, trust the eye care professionals at Spencerport Optical in Spencerport, NY. These specialists have more than 32 years of experience in the optometry field and are dedicated to helping their patients achieve optimal eye health. Whether you want to make the switch from eyeglasses to contacts or need an eye exam, they are happy to help. To schedule an appointment, call (585) 352-1960 or visit their website for more information about their services.

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