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3 Important Steps to Engine Tune-Ups October 8, 2018

North Madison, Lake
3 Important Steps to Engine Tune-Ups, North Madison, Ohio

Your vehicle needs regular maintenance to stay in top condition. Not only does this keep your car performing efficiently, but it also allows the mechanic to detect potential issues early and prevent them from getting worse. One of the most important parts of a maintenance visit is an engine tune-up. Listed below are some of the essential tasks associated with it.

3 Things Done During Engine Tune-Ups

1. Essential System Checks

As many vehicles rely on computers to run some of their systems, a mechanic may use computerized diagnostics to check for error codes on the ignition, engine performance, fuel injection, and electronics systems. What needs to be inspected and adjusted is easily identified through the computer software. Visual inspection of the engine and its components is also necessary for more accurate evaluation and diagnosis.

2. Replacements And Refills

After checking, tune upsthe mechanic will replace old, worn-out parts to improve engine performance. This may include corroded spark plugs, cracked serpentine belts, clogged fuel filters, and dirty air filters. The tune-up technician will also check the levels of coolant, brake, power steering, and transmission fluids and top them off as necessary, and change the distributor cap and rotor, if applicable.

3. Engine Testing

In addition to part replacement, the engine has to be tested before your vehicle rolls out of the garage. The battery and its terminals will be given a once-over to see if they are clean and tightly clamped. If the mechanic notices performance issues like slow acceleration or struggling, they may recommend inspections on other systems apart from the engine.


Going for routine engine tune-ups will benefit your vehicle down the road. For reliable preventive maintenance services, rely on the ASE-certified professionals at Madison Muffler and Auto. This auto repair shop provides excellent maintenance work throughout Lake County, OH, and the surrounding areas. Call (440) 428-2677 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for an extensive list of their services.