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Get Rebates Up to $500 by Upgrading Your HVAC This Fall!Dunwoodie, Yonkers, New York

Valid from September 17, 2018 to November 23, 2018
Get Rebates Up to $500 by Upgrading Your HVAC This Fall!, Yonkers, New York

Fall is just around the corner, which means the cold weather isn’t far behind. If your heating system has been struggling to keep up with falling temperatures or your air conditioner couldn’t handle the summer heat, now is the perfect time to upgrade the HVAC system. To make winter as comfortable as possible, Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control in Yonkers, NY, is offering amazing rebates on Mitsubishi® Electric heating systems that could save you up to $500!

Why Fall Is the Ideal Time to Upgrade the Heating System

  • Slash Your Home Heating Costs: New Mitsubishi Electric heating systems are much more efficient than older boilers, using state-of-the-art technology that can reduce utility bills and your carbon footprint.
  • Keep the Family Comfortable: Rather than being controlled by a single thermostat, new Mitsubishi Electric heating systems eliminate cold spots and hot rooms with innovative zone controls.
  • More Flexibility: During the holidays, many people have friends or family staying in guest rooms or sleeping on couches. A new ductless heating system allows you to heat those rooms when they’re in use and lower the temperature when the guests leave.

Up to $500 Rebates on Mitsubishi Electric Heating Systems!

mitsubishi electric heating systemAny new system purchased between September 13 and November 23 from Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control will qualify for an instant rebate of up to $500. With prior approval, you may even get rebates on multiple systems purchased for the same home.

Over the years, they’ve earned praise from thousands of satisfied customers, like Jeff S., who says, "...Honest, great pricing, and top-notch work. What more can you ask for? I wholeheartedly recommend Absolute Comfort for any HVAC or air conditioning job in Westchester County!"

Call These Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™ Today!

With over 40 years of experience serving homeowners throughout Westchester County, Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control has built their reputation on providing excellent workmanship and a selection of the finest equipment on the market. Visit their website to learn more about the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric heating systems. Call (914) 761-0529 to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.

This deal is no longer available.

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