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3 Simple Ways to Determine if You Need New Tires October 5, 2018

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3 Simple Ways to Determine if You Need New Tires, Livonia, New York

Under typical driving conditions, car tires last between 50,000 and 60,000 miles and should be replaced every four to five years. Worn treads or cracks in the sidewalls can make driving dangerous, so you should inspect your wheels and tires regularly once you've put a few thousand miles on them. Below are some simple ways to check if you need replacements.

3 Methods of Checking if You Need New Tires

1. The Quarter Test

Proper tread depth is important since it gives moisture beneath the wheels and tires an avenue of escape and prevents dangerous hydroplaning. To make sure your tires have enough tread left, place a U.S. quarter into the tread to measure depth. If the tire hides part of George Washington's face, you should be safe. However, if all of his head is visible, it means the tread has worn down to dangerous levels and you should buy new tires.

2. The Tread Wear Indicator

Most tires manufactured in the U.S. must feature three to six tread-wear bars that run across the surface of the tire at a depth of 2/32 of an inch, the legal minimum tread depth in most states. If the wear bar lies below the level of the existing tread, you still have some wear left. If the tread is flush with the wear bar, you need to buy new tires.

3. A Tread Gauge

Wheels and tires in Livonia, NYTread gauges of various styles are available online and at automotive and department stores. These measure tread depth in 32nds of an inch. Tread gauges provide the most accurate results, especially electronic models with a digital display, which are easy to use and help avoid user error. If you don't have a tread gauge, you can visit a service station or tire store for assistance.

For safety on the road, it's important you check the condition of your wheels and tires at least once every 90 days. If you find you need to replace them, contact Briggs Tire Service, the best place to buy new and used tires in Livingston County, NY. They carry car, truck, lawn mower, tractor, and boat trailer tires for nearly every make and model of vehicle. Visit their website to see a gallery of their work related to wheels and tires or call (585) 346-3041 to speak with a representative.

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