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Experiencing Vision Distortions? Here's When to See an Eye Doctor September 24, 2018

Crescent Springs, Covington
Experiencing Vision Distortions? Here's When to See an Eye Doctor, Covington, Kentucky

Whether you’ve been staring directly into the sun or working on your computer all day, fleeting vision distortions are usually a normal occurrence. Other times, they may signal a more serious condition that requires support from an eye doctor. To maintain healthy eyes, here’s what you need to know about common types of vision distortions.

Different Types of Distortions

Many people experience dots, circles, or speckles in their vision from time to time. These are commonly referred to as “floaters,” which are actually small clusters of cells inside your eye fluid. As they move, they may occasionally cast shadows on your eyes’ retina, which is what you experience as a fleeting speck or floater. With age, the fluid in the eye tends to become thicker, which can cause this issue to increasingly occur. They may also happen after staring at a bright light.

eye doctorMost people also experience a “flash” of some sort, which typically looks like a brief streak of light across one’s vision. Sometimes, they may occur in conjunction with floaters. Flashes happen due to electrical impulses that the brain mistakenly thinks are light. Many people experience more flashes as they age. Typically, they are completely normal — but other times, they may signal a more serious problem.

When to Visit an Eye Doctor

Unless flashers or floaters disrupt your day-to-day vision, they generally aren’t a reason for concern. However, always visit your eye doctor if floaters quickly emerge. You should also see an eye doctor if you experience several flashes at once or a shadow obscures part of your vision entirely.

These issues may signal a detached retina, which is a critical issue that requires emergency intervention. They also could point to eye inflammation, diabetic retinopathy, CMV retinitis, or nearsightedness. Sometimes, they may occur after cataract surgery. Always talk to your eye doctor to be sure.


If you’re experiencing abnormal vision distortions, consult experienced eye doctors who can help. Since 1914, the experts from Wing Eyecare have been providing Greater Cincinnati, OH, and Northern Kentucky the highest caliber of eye care. To learn more about how the professionals can support your needs, visit the website. Schedule an eye exam when you call a friendly team member today at (888) 274-9464. You can also find them on Facebook.

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