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3 Design Tips for Your Parking Lot Layout October 9, 2018

Dutchtown, Rochester
3 Design Tips for Your Parking Lot Layout, Rochester, New York

Your parking lot is often the first interaction customers have with your business or facility. For this reason, you should consider more than asphalt paving. The goal of the design and layout should be to provide safe and efficient vehicular access. Here are some tips that will help you accomplish this objective and make the area attractive to prospective clients or shoppers.

What to Consider When Designing a Parking Lot

1. Make Optimum Use of Given Space

After the asphalt paving has been completed, you’ll need to consider how you can create the most parking stalls within the available space. To begin, keep the design space rectangular, and make the long sides run parallel. You’ll also want to begin adding parking stalls along the perimeter to get the best idea of how many rows you can apply. Don’t forget to consider the flow of traffic, pedestrians, and handicapped parking.

2. Determine Best Parking Angles

asphalt pavingThere are three main types of parking stall angles. The version you choose will depend on the size of your lot and what it is used for. The 45-degree stall is better for smaller lots because the angle allows for narrower stalls. If you have more space and want to ensure customers have plenty of space to easily back in and out of the spot, consider choosing the more common 60-degree stall. Finally, there is the 90-degree stall, which is most commonly seen on lots that are predominantly used by employees or for all-day parking.

3. Incorporate Existing Landscape & Architecture

If it is not completely necessary, avoid tearing down all existing landscaping or architecture before the asphalt paving takes place. Incorporating some of these features can make your parking lot look more inviting. Designing the lot around some of the existing trees, for instance, can be an excellent way to make it aesthetically pleasing and provide landmarks to help customers remember where they parked.


A great looking parking lot starts with well-installed asphalt. When you contact the professionals at Manel Sealers, that is exactly what you’ll get. This owner-operator business provides quality asphalt paving services to the Rochester, NY, area. They specialize in residential and commercial parking lot paving, sealcoating, and asphalt driveways. Call them today at (585) 865-7325 for a free estimate. You can also visit their website to learn more about their services.

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