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5 Types of Deadbolts & How They Work January 6, 2019

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5 Types of Deadbolts & How They Work , Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Unlike other door locks, deadbolts are unique in that they do not rely on springs to latch or disengage. Instead, these thick metal options use the force of a key or knob to open or close. The mechanism allows doors to shut securely reducing the risk of an intruder opening it with a crowbar or blunt force—actions that compromise a standard spring-lock. If you want to upgrade your property’s security, here are five different types of deadbolts to consider.

A Guide to Different Deadbolts

1. Single Cylinder

The single cylinder model is the most common type. The bolt is typically locked to the middle of the door and turned to insert into the frame. On the outside of the door, a key turns the bolt to open and close the lock. On the inside, a thumb turn can move the bolt without using a standard metal key.

2. Double Cylinder

deadboltDouble cylinder systems function the same way as single cylinder models, except they do not feature a thumb turn. Instead, a key is used to unlock and lock either side of the door. Many homeowners choose this type if their door has glass panels, as it prevents intruders from opening the lock if they break through the glass.

3. Electronic

Electronic systems function like a single or double cylinder model but rely on keypad entry rather than a key. Some electronic deadbolts feature smart technology that allows users to control the lock through their smartphone or another wireless device.

4. Rim

Rim deadbolts are not installed in the interior of the door but on the inside surface. Some appreciate this design, as it allows the door to lock automatically after it’s closed. However, this type is not as secure as others, as there is still a potential for intruders to break open the door with force.

5. Vertical

Vertical deadbolts are installed at the top of the door, rather than the side. While the placement of the lock can be bulky and inconvenient for some, this model provides additional security as it is harder to tamper with.


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