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3 Mentally Stimulating Card Games For Kids December 11, 2018

Mamaroneck, Westchester
3 Mentally Stimulating Card Games For Kids, Mamaroneck, New York

Toys and games for kids these days have an incredible amount of bells and whistles that make them exciting and appealing to kids. Sometimes, however, sticking with a tried-and-true classic can be just as fun and – even better – mentally stimulating for young and devolving minds. Here are three games that require only a deck of cards and will provide countless hours of brain-tickling fun.

A Helpful Guide to Card Games For Kids

1. Memory

For the younger card players out there, this is a simple game for kids that helps build a child’s memory. After choosing a set number of card pairs – you can adjust the number depending on the child’s age – shuffle them and arrange them face down in a grid. Then, the child chooses two cards. If they are not a match, they are put back in their same spots face down again. If the child chooses a pair, they are removed from the grid. These simple rules are easy to grasp and encourage the child to remember where the different cards are in order to complete the game.

2. Solitaire

games for kidsThis timeless classic is a challenging and mentally stimulating game for kids – and adults – that involves a lot of decision making and thought. This simple-yet-challenging game requires kids to think ahead and also helps build matching skills. It also helps kids understand the value of patience; sometimes building a single column in the game requires a slow-build of many moves.

3. 21

A parent or sibling can play the role of the dealer in this simple casino game. Not every child is enthusiastic about learning addition skills, but wrapping the practice up in a fun and semi-competitive card game will help capture the math-adverse. Your child will have fun carefully weighing each decision to draw or stay as they creep closer to 21, and you can easily eschew the betting element of the game to focus on the addition involved.


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