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Why Every Athlete Should Have a Storage Unit October 8, 2018

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Why Every Athlete Should Have a Storage Unit, 10, Louisiana

Self-storage units provide a secure space to house a wide variety of belongings, whether you simply do not have room to keep certain items in your home or are in the process of moving and cannot take everything with you. One of the lesser-known storage unit applications revolves around athletes. If you are athletically-inclined and own many pieces of sporting equipment, a storage unit may be exactly what you need. 

Why Athletes Should Consider Self-Storage Units

Makes It Easy To Enjoy Athletic Activities Year-Round

Self-storage units provide a secure place for storing all of your sporting equipment. They make it easy to find what you need regardless of the season so you don’t waste time digging through your basement, attic, or garage. Whether you love bike riding and boating excursions during warm weather, enjoy pick-up games of football in the fall, or go snowboarding in the winter, what you need is easily accessible with a storage unit. Quality facilities are under 24/7 surveillance to keep your belongings safe.

Helps Declutter Your House

self-storage unitSki equipment, portable basketball hoops, and other athletic gear and equipment take up a lot of room and contribute to a cluttered house. Since clutter promotes stress, moving these large items out of your home and into a self-storage unit is beneficial. Enjoy more space instead of wondering what to do with the surfboard in the hallway or navigating around equipment in the basement every time you do laundry.

Prevents Damage to Expensive Equipment

Sporting goods and equipment with metal pieces become subject to rust when they are kept in high-humidity spaces such as attics and basements. Climate-controlled self-storage units help you maintain your investments by housing them in perfect conditions year round. They eliminate rust and corrosion issues so you do not have to spend money on premature repairs and replacements.


Payless Storage provides clean, secure, climate-controlled self-storage units clients can rely on to keep what’s important to them safe. Whether you are an athlete or require a unit for any other reason, you can relax knowing your items are within a fenced-in facility featuring computerized gate codes and 24/7 surveillance technology. Call (903) 838-7772 or (903) 223-9996 (Texarkana, TX locations), (870) 772-4314 (Texarkana, AR location), or (318) 683-2823 (Shreveport, LA location) with any questions or visit the website for unit information.

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