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How to Prepare Your Pet for Surgery September 19, 2018

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How to Prepare Your Pet for Surgery , Foley, Alabama

Surgery is sometimes necessary for your pet’s health. Whether your animal is getting spayed or neutered, or is having surgery to treat a condition, it’s important to prepare them properly. By talking to a veterinarian and sticking to their care instructions, you can help your furry friend get ready and recover from their operation. 

Pet Scheduled for Surgery? Time to Start Prepping

1. Ask Questions

veterinarianDuring the appointments leading up to surgery, be sure to ask your veterinarian plenty of questions, as you want to feel completely secure in your ability to care for your pet. They can explain how to get your home ready for your pet’s recovery and how to prepare for the procedure. Also, be sure to ask any questions you have about the surgery itself. 

2. Prepare Your Home

Home recovery is key for your pet’s wellness post-surgery. Your furry friend may be off balance when they come home, so it’s important to minimize their risk of injury. In the day’s leading up to the operation, designate an area of your home for your animal’s recovery. This closed off space should be away from any stairs and furniture. Remove any hazards and place a pet bed in this area. 

3. Stick to Pre-Op Instructions

Your pet may need to fast before surgery, as anesthesia can increase their risk of vomiting. The veterinarian may also recommend skipping your pet’s medications for a day, depending on the animal’s health. Be sure to follow these directions closely, as doing so will set your pet up for a successful operation. 

4. Learn Post-Op Care

Just as the vet gives you pre-op instructions, they will also provide post-op instructions. This may include keeping your pet in their e-collar, changing their bandages, and monitoring them frequently. It’s important to know your pet’s specific health risks and potential reaction to medications. Remember that if your pet exhibits any unusual behavior or falls ill after surgery, call your vet’s office right away. Otherwise, monitor your pet’s health and attend any followup appointments with the vet. 


For surgical and general care for your family’s animals, Animal Medical Center in Baldwin County, AL, has the services you can trust. Veterinarians Dr. Kasey Singley, Dr. John Heilmeier, and their team use the most advanced technology to perform tests and monitor your pet’s health. In addition to wellness services, they also offer grooming and pet boarding. Their compassionate and inviting office is sure to make you and your furry friend feel at home. For more information on their services, visit their website or call (251) 955-5900 today. 

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