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5 Benefits of Fireplace Inserts September 12, 2018

Penfield, Monroe
5 Benefits of Fireplace Inserts, Penfield, New York

When the fireplace needs a new look or a functional upgrade, a fireplace insert is the perfect solution. Whether you choose one that burns gas or wood, inserts provide an array of benefits ranging from aesthetic appeal to cost savings. Below are five advantages to consider. 

5 Reasons to Choose Fireplace Inserts

1. Low Maintenance

Wood inserts require annual maintenance to remove creosote and ash buildup in flues. Homeowners can scoop out excess ashes easily on a regular basis by using a small shovel around the area for stray particles. For gas, your service should be performed by the professional who installed the unit every year or two years depending on use.  A special glass cleaner (White-out) is required to properly clean and protect the glass so check your owner’s manual before you try this yourself. For the face of the insert, a simple wipe with a clean cloth will keep it looking beautiful.

2. Environmentally Sound

A wood-fueled insert is renewable and sustainable. According to the Carbon Trust, which is an organization that helps find carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly sources of power worldwide, wood is a top choice.  Here in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York,  wood is readily available and reasonable inexpensive.

3. Energy Efficient

fireplace insertsGas fireplace inserts provide controlled heating throughout your home as the remote controls have a thermostat to set your desired temperature. This reduces wasted energy and helps you regulate internal comfort levels. Wood inserts transform the fireplace into an efficient heater that circulates warm air throughout the room by way of blowers.  You can leave your furnace turned down for the whole house and just use the fan to circulate the heat from either insert throughout the rest of the house.

4. Cost Effective

When the fireplace needs an upgrade, fireplace inserts fit easily into an existing area, making it a cost-effective option for masonry repairs. Both the gas and wood burning inserts include a new liner which solves the issue of cracked tiles within the chimney.. This eliminates the need for a complete renovation of an existing fireplace and quickly rejuvenates the home’s décor. In addition, homeowners notice a decrease in heating costs when they choose inserts.

5. Variety of Designs

The face and panel you choose for your insert come in copper and brass to chrome, gold, and other colors, and styles to match your taste. Besides front colors, there are also trims and accessories as well as door and louver choices to customize the look. The interior choice of media can include a bed of glass, sticks, and ceramic stones or traditional logs to give the flame area a stylish boost.


For high-caliber fireplace inserts, wood stoves, and electric fireplaces, stop by Cricket on the Hearth in Rochester, NY. Serving Monroe County since 1968, this fireplace contractor is known throughout the community for their top-notch customer service and quality materials and products. Their trained staff will help you choose the perfect fireplace or stove to suit your style. Call (585) 385-2420 or visit their showroom in-person to view options. Visit their website for more information about their products.  September is the start of the busy season and a great time to take advantage of sale pricing!

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