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How Long Should Children Brush Their Teeth? January 16, 2019

Kahului, Maui
How Long Should Children Brush Their Teeth?, Kahului, Hawaii

Tooth brushing is a cornerstone of dental care for people of all ages, but one question which continues to puzzle is the proper duration for this activity. Because strong oral care habits are established during childhood, parents should begin advising children on the right time frame for brushing their teeth at an early age. Discover how long the members of your family should be brushing their teeth with the following guide.

What Is the Recommended Time for Brushing?

Dental care experts from the American Dental Association (ADA) recommend patients of all ages follow the “two by two” rule: brush your teeth for two minutes two times per day. What’s more important than the time frame, however, is ensuring that all surfaces of each tooth receive sufficient attention. With little hands, this could take a bit longer. Encouraging your child to spend three minutes brushing—90 seconds for the top row of teeth and 90 for the bottom—is more realistic.   

How Can You Keep Your Child on Track?

Children who are not able to brush their teeth on their own can benefit from visiting pediatric dental care professionals to learn proper techniques for babies and toddlers. Once children are old enough to brush on their own, however, parents can begin to support a healthy oral care routine with a few practical techniques.

dental careUsing a timer is one way to make sure your child brushes for the recommended duration. Some parents also have success with playing a two- to three-minute song for tooth brushing. Additionally, including the whole family in morning and evening sessions will lead by example and spur commitment in children.


While proper tooth brushing is an essential aspect of children’s dental care, it’s only one facet of a comprehensive dentistry regimen. To ensure your child has everything they need for healthy oral development, bring them to see the children’s dentists at Pedodontic Associates for regular cleanings and exams. For over 25 years, these professionals have made comprehensive oral wellness hassle-free for parents on Oahu and Maui with three convenient locations. To schedule an appointment for your child, call (808) 735-1733 for Honolulu, (808) 487-7933 for Aiea, or (808) 877-0066 for Kahului. You can also learn more about their professional staff by visiting their website.

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