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Why Upgrade to a Ductless Heating System While Remodeling?Dunwoodie, Yonkers, New York

Valid from September 17, 2018 to November 23, 2018
Why Upgrade to a Ductless Heating System While Remodeling?, Yonkers, New York

Are you're thinking about carrying out a renovation project in the home? You should also consider upgrading the HVAC to a ductless heating system at this time. If you're adding a new room or two to the house or finishing a basement or garage attachment, a ductless HVAC system offers the perfect upgrade for that new space.

Why You Should Update the HVAC System Alongside a Renovation Project

  • Minimal Space: Ductless heating systems are small and sleek and attach to wall space that is often otherwise empty. These powerful HVAC units won’t take up space on the ground, leaving you with more square footage to renovate. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Because of a ductless system's unique multi-zone heating and cooling technology, you won’t waste energy heating or cooling rooms you don’t spend time in. Ductless systems target only the rooms or “zones” you use daily, significantly reducing monthly energy bills.
  • Increased Functionality: New or renovated rooms can often experience heating and cooling issues, as the home's original HVAC system struggles to heat or cool the new space. Ductless systems eliminate this problem. They’ll identify the new space as an individual zone in the home and keep it at whatever temperature you like when you’re spending time in there. 

Up to $500 Off a Mitsubishi® Electric System!

ductless heating systemBeginning on September 17 and going through November 23, the Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors™ at Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control, in Yonkers, NY, are offering up to $500 off Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems. This offer makes the fall the perfect time to upgrade the home to a new, energy-efficient ductless heating system.

According to one customer, who had a new Mitsubishi Electric heating system installed, Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control offered "Excellent work every step of the way from initial communications through job completion. The installer removed the old units from the job site and installed the new ones perfectly. They were very careful and left our house neat and clean."

Call These Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors Today! 

Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control brings over four decades of experience to every heating and cooling job. The team specializes in ductless HVAC system installation and offers 24-hour emergency services. Visit their website to learn more about their ductless heating system installation services. Call (914) 761-0529 to schedule a consultation. 

This deal is no longer available.

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