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How to Clean & Care For Your Wedding Jewelry June 12, 2015

New York, Queens
How to Clean & Care For Your Wedding Jewelry, New York, New York

After daily wear, your wedding jewelry might begin to look a little lackluster. Keep your diamond engagement ring and wedding band looking as lovely as the day you said “yes” with these 3 tips from Lafyes Jewelry in Maspeth, NY:

  • Protect your rings by taking them off: To keep your rings looking their best, and to safeguard them against damage, remove them before you work out at the gym, apply lotion, clean the house, or go to bed. To avoid losing your rings when you take them on and off, establish one safe place in your home to keep your rings when you’re not wearing them. Never put your rings in a pocket or on a piece of furniture.
  • Clean your rings regularly: Even if you’re careful to take your rings off when doing something messy, they’ll eventually accumulate some dirt and grime from everyday wear. Your diamond won’t sparkle quite as much and the gold or platinum in your setting may begin to look a bit dull. Most jewelers recommend that you clean your ring at home at least once a month. All you have to do is soak your diamond rings in jewelry cleaning solution for about 15 minutes, lightly brush them with a soft toothbrush, and then sit back and admire your dazzling gems!
  • Take your rings to a pro: In addition to cleaning and caring for your rings at home, it’s important to have your wedding jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year. Getting your rings cleaned by a professional jeweler not only keeps them looking their best, it also ensures the structural integrity of your rings. While you might not notice a bent prong until you’ve lost a diamond, a jeweler will immediately notice if any jewelry repairs are necessary to protect your stones and setting.

Follow these tips and your wedding set will look lovely for a lifetime! Call Lafyes Jewelry at (718) 894-0360 if you have any additional questions regarding jewelry repair or diamond care.  

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