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3 Septic Maintenance Tips for Fall October 8, 2018

Powers, Cass
3 Septic Maintenance Tips for Fall, Powers, Minnesota

Autumn is the time to get your septic system ready for the plummeting temperatures of winter. Preventive maintenance will keep your system functioning in top condition year-round, extending its life and avoiding breakdowns. Be proactive this fall by following the septic maintenance tips below.

Essential Autumn Septic Maintenance

1. Inspect & Pump the Tankseptic maintenance

The septic tank should be inspected every one to three years and pumped every three to five years. Keep a maintenance log so you can see when it was last done and stay on schedule as needed. Fall is a good time to have inspections and pumping done since it will allow you to address any small issues before they are exacerbated in the cold temperatures of winter.

2. Insulate the Tank

The cold can freeze the plumbing lines to your tank and hurt the bacteria that are essential to your tank’s function. Protect the tank by adding some layers of insulation. Let the grass over your tank grow six inches tall. If you don’t already have a lawn over the tank, put down another layer of warmth such as straw.

3. Conserve Water

Too much water usage puts a strain on your system year-round by filling the tank too quickly and disturbing the microbial balance. Take this time to install low-flow water fixtures in your home and hire a plumber to fix any leaky fixtures or pipes. Water can also flood your drain field if there’s too much runoff directed towards it. Confirm that your yard’s drainage diverts water away from the septic system.


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