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Discover Why Musical Theater Is So Popular Among Kids September 28, 2018

New York, Richmond
Discover Why Musical Theater Is So Popular Among Kids, New York, New York

Musical theater only continues to rise in popularity with younger generations. From using the imagination to spending time with friends, this extracurricular activity has a variety of benefits on the youth. Here are a few reasons why more and more youngsters are signing up for musical theater programs.

Why Is Musical Theater Popular Among Youth Culture?

Explore Creativity & Self Expression

Musical theater involves singing, dancing, role playing, and plenty of make-believe. As a result, your kids will have practically endless opportunities to exercise their creative faculties and learn how to express themselves. These outlets are also important for maintaining emotional stability and promoting brain function, which will only help them succeed as they advance through school and life. 

Build Confidence & Character

musical theaterWhen your children participate in musical theater, they’ll grow more comfortable with public speaking and performing in front of live audiences. This is an excellent way to build confidence and self-esteem, especially if your kids struggle with shyness or insecurity. They’ll also develop character as a result of taking direction, receiving feedback, and working cooperatively in groups of their peers. 

Make New Friends

Musical theater will introduce your children to so many new people in their age bracket. They’ll also build strong relationships with faculty mentors while establishing bonds with fellow classmates. After working together on big productions, your kids will have friendships they’re likely to maintain as they grow into young adults. Social engagement over common goals will help to prepare your children for the working world once they start looking for jobs. 


Keep your kids mentally, creatively, and socially active by enrolling them in musical theater programs at DEA Music and Art. This esteemed institution also offers guitar, piano, violin, and singing lessons, in addition to art classes and summer camps. Call (718) 370-7733 to speak with a staff member about signing your children up for courses, and visit them online to learn more about teachers and scheduling.