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FAQ: How to Select a New Dog Collar September 24, 2018

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FAQ: How to Select a New Dog Collar, Jacksonville East, Florida

For devoted owners, choosing a dog collar is an important task. The selection you make will directly impact your animal’s comfort and appearance, so you want to put some thought into choosing the option that’s best for them. Here are the answers to several questions people often have about picking a dog collar.

How to Choose the Best Collar for Your Dog

What material is best?

The answer to this question depends both on your dog’s personality and on your preferences as its owner. If your pet is more of an outdoorsy type who’s constantly tramping through water and weeds, you’ll want to go with something rugged, like canvas or nylon—if it has a waterproof coating, that’s even better. On the other hand, if most of the animal’s excursions involve walks through town, perhaps a hand-crafted leather collar is the way to go.

dog collarHow do I clean and maintain the collar?

Sturdy canvas collars will require little maintenance aside from occasionally scrubbing them and brushing debris away. Leather collars, on the other hand, should be cleaned regularly and kept supple with a leather conditioner.

What size should I purchase?

The general rule is to leave enough space that you’ll be able to slip two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. That way it’ll be snug enough that the animal won’t be able to escape, but not so snug that it’ll be uncomfortable for them. If you’re ordering the collar online and aren’t able to perform this test before you purchase, keep in mind that small dogs typically have a collar length of 8–11 inches, medium dogs need 12–15 inches, and large dogs usually need 16–19 inches. Don’t worry about finding an exact fit—collars are made to be adjustable.

When should my dog use a collar?

Some types of collars are meant to be worn all the time, but others are only needed in certain circumstances. In general, have your dogs wear collars with a tag any time they are outside. If you’re in a public place or unfamiliar setting, you will also probably want to have a leash to keep your pet from running off. A dog collar with a tag is an important way to keep your pup safe—if they get lost, someone can use the identifying information on the tag to track you down. 

At home, you should remove your dog’s collar periodically to wash it. This helps keep their skin from becoming irritated and will extend the life span of your purchase.


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