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A Brief Guide to Stump Grinding October 8, 2018

Crescent, Oneida
A Brief Guide to Stump Grinding, Crescent, Wisconsin

The trees that dot your landscape add to its beauty, but if you’ve had to have any trees removed, their stumps can take away from your property’s curb appeal. Hiring a stump grinding professional to handle the job is the best way to ensure those stubs don’t pose a safety threat to your family, detract for the home’s appearance, or attract unwelcome pests. A professional can properly take care of removing any unwanted stumps to keep your home’s yard beautiful and safe.

How Tree Service Experts Handle Stump Grinding

1. Assess the Surroundings

Before any work can begin, your stump grinding professional needs to be sure that the area is safe and free of any possible obstructions. If you’re aware of anything that exists underground such as utility lines or a drain field, be sure to inform the technician beforehand. Wisconsin homeowners can find this information through Diggers Hotline. The tree service will mark these areas to avoid coming into contact with them during grinding.

2. Use a Mechanical Grinder

stump grindingWearing protective gear, technicians use a mechanical grinder to methodically reduce the stump. They’ll continue until they’ve ground anywhere from six to ten inches below the surface. That’s to ensure that the tree’s entire root system is properly removed. They’ll then remove this freshly ground material, leaving an opening in the ground. Many homeowners elect to use the ground-up wood as mulch.

3. Properly Fill the Hole

The final step is to replenish the hole that remains. Once all of the debris is completed removed, your tree service can add topsoil to the space. This will help restore your landscape’s appearance and protect the integrity of the ground. Another option is to have them add fresh grass or plant a new tree if you want fresh growth.


Stump grinding is a complex job that requires experience and patience. If there’s a stump on your property threatening safety and detracting from your home’s appearance, the experts at Todd’s Tip Top Complete Tree Service can handle it for you. Based out of Rhinelander, WI, this company is renowned throughout North-Central Wisconsin for its excellent rates, great service, and ability to resolve all of your tree concerns. They’re even available when you need emergency tree service. Visit their website to learn about their commitment to excellence, or call them at (715) 282-5858.

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