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3 Ways to Save Money With Home Heating Oil September 18, 2018

Montville, New London
3 Ways to Save Money With Home Heating Oil , Montville, Connecticut

Home heating oil can keep you warm and cozy even on winter’s coldest days. To curb heating costs, however, you may want to employ a few energy-saving measures. These three tips will help you stay comfortable all year round, even on a budget.

How to Save Money on Your Heating Costs

1. Seal Up Drafts

Any vulnerabilities in your home’s foundation, walls, windows, or doors can quickly lead to wasted heat. To promote energy efficiency, thoroughly inspect your home for any small cracks or flaws that may allow heat to slip out. Re-caulk these areas and consider placing rubber door blockers underneath exterior doors. You might also want to hire a contractor to evaluate your home’s insulation in the attic, which can be a significant source of heat loss.

2. Use a Smart Thermostat

oil furnaceA smart thermostat lets you adjust the temperature conditions in your home by using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, whether you’re out of town or at the office. So if you’ve already left the house and forgot to change the temperature settings, you can do it on the go. Most models also let you set timers for different settings, so the system will automatically adjust to an economy mode when you plan to be out of the house. Some apps will even allow you to run reports to help you understand your heating oil usage and projected costs. 

3. Don’t Miss Maintenance

At least once a year, schedule a routine maintenance checkup for your heating system. A professional technician can address any issues that can make your furnace run less efficiently, such as a dirty filter or faulty blower motor. These quick, simple visits can ultimately extend the lifespan of your system and help you cut costs for repairs or premature replacement.


With over 24 years of experience, the team from Uncasville Oil in New London County, CT, will help you save money and make your house more energy-efficient. Whether you need emergency support in the middle of the night or prompt, affordable heating oil delivery, they’ll ensure you have everything you need to stay comfortable this winter. They also provide special budget plans from October through July and are pleased to offer senior and military discounts. For more information about their services, visit the family-owned and -operated business online or call (860) 848-2647 today.

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