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How to Change a Flat Tire September 18, 2018

Eastside, Paterson
How to Change a Flat Tire, Paterson, New Jersey

Flat tires can occur at any time, whether from a sharp piece of road debris or sidewall damage that resulted in a blowout. If you realize you have a flat, drive your car to a safe location before installing a donut — or temporary tire. Should you not have a donut available, call a friend, family member, or roadside assistance service to bring a tire to your location. You also need a lug wrench, jack, and wheel wedges; gloves, reflective triangles, and a flashlight are recommended as well.

DIY Flat Tire Change Guidelines

Set Up For Safety

Put out the reflective triangles and turn on your hazard lights so people know you are working on your vehicle. Turn on the parking brake as well. Install the wheel wedges against the tires that do not need replacing to help secure your vehicle while it is on the jack. If the lug nuts on the affected tire are not exposed, use the flat end of your lug wrench to remove the hubcap. Use the same tool to loosen the lug nuts to about ¼ to ½ of a turn each.

Use The Jack

tireFollow your vehicle’s manufacturer instructions for specific jack placement. Turn the jack until the automobile is six inches above the ground; never look under your car when it is on a jack. Remove the lug nuts and put them in a spare container or other safe location.

Remove & Change

Remove your flat tire by pulling it with both hands, then matching the donut with the lug bolts on the hub. Push the spare into the hub until you see the bolts through the wheel rim. Place the lug nuts back over the bolts using your wrench after you have taken the vehicle off the jack. Tighten the bolts as much as possible, and replace the hubcap if applicable before checking the new tire’s pressure with a gauge or by driving to the nearest service station.

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