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Visiting New York City? Here Are 4 Attractions to See by Car September 26, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Visiting New York City? Here Are 4 Attractions to See by Car, Brooklyn, New York

While New York City is certainly walkable, there are other ways to catch the city’s beauty from the comfort of a car. During your next visit, consider catching a cab or scheduling a car service to get from place to place. As you avoid the crowded sidewalks and trains, you can see the following attractions.

4 NYC Places to See From a Car

1. Washington Square Park

Known for its impressive arch and fountain, Washington Square Park is a popular gathering place for locals and tourists. As you drive by with your car service, take in the charm of this public gathering space and the beauty of the towering buildings around it. If you have a moment, pull over to walk around the park or take a pause on a bench. 

2. Empire State Building

car serviceWhile driving around Manhattan, you’ll spot this famous building from various perspectives. As you head to a destination in mid-Manhattan, keep an eye out for the Empire State Building on 34th St between 5th and 6th Avenues. It’s especially beautiful during sunset, so have your camera ready. 

3. Bryant Park 

Located in Midtown, Bryant Park offers a moment away from the hustle of the streets. When driving around the perimeter of the park, you can enjoy a view of the greenery and people enjoying an afternoon. If you decide to stop there for a day, grab a bite to eat, visit the New York Public Library, and relax on the grass with a blanket. 

4. 5th Avenue 

New York City is home to many famous streets, but 5th Avenue is one of the most glamorous. While driving down this avenue, you can see lines of high-end stores and fashionable shoppers from the window of your car service vehicle. Whether you’re heading uptown or downtown, enjoy the views of stunning architecture. 5th Avenue runs along the east side of Central Park, so take the time to pass by one of the city’s most famous destinations. 


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