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3 Reasons to Add a Cab to Your Riding Mower September 17, 2018

Harris, Stanly
3 Reasons to Add a Cab to Your Riding Mower, Harris, North Carolina

Yardwork can be rewarding, but when allergies and other environmental factors come into play, it can be difficult to use your riding mower. In many cases, you can’t afford to put the work off, which is why adding a cab to your vehicle is a worthwhile investment. You’ll be more comfortable and ensure that nothing gets in the way of completing your job.                  

3 Advantages to Installing a Cab on Your Riding Mower

1. Comfort

The hot sun or bitter cold can turn lawn maintenance into a grueling chore. Cabs provide the ultimate escape. You’ll protect yourself from the heat and harmful sun rays, and when the air cools, you’ll be able to stay warm in the cab. You can also add amenities, such as a radio, air conditioner, or heater, and the walls create a sound buffer against the machine’s loud engine.

2. Protection From Insects

riding mower New LondonYou always run the risk of kicking up a hornet’s nest with a riding mower. By adding a cab, you can protect yourself against bites or stings. Limiting your exposure is even more important if you have sensitivities to insects, are pregnant, or carry an epinephrine autoinjector.

3. Allergy Relief

When allergy season rolls around, it can be nearly impossible to use your riding mower if you’re allergic to certain grasses, foliage, or mold. A cab is a contained space where allergens can’t get in. You’ll be able to avoid bothersome—and even dangerous—allergic reactions.


Stanly Tractor Company in New London, NC, is proud to offer the latest in residential and commercial landscaping equipment. Whether you need a new cab for your riding mower, tractor parts, or engine repair, they can get you to work in no time. They only use premium Kubota® and Cub Cadet® products and focus on building lasting relationships with their customers. Call (704) 983-1106 to speak with their staff. You can also connect on Facebook and visit their website to learn more.

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