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The Do's & Don'ts of Parking Your Mobile Food Truck October 3, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The Do's & Don'ts of Parking Your Mobile Food Truck, Brooklyn, New York

Starting a food truck requires a lot of commitment, planning, and hard work, but it's also an incredibly enjoyable venture. However, your choice of parking spots will either greatly benefit or hinder the success of your operation. To ensure that you're setting your mobile food truck business up for greatness, follow these parking do's and don'ts.


Check your city's parking restrictions ahead of time.

Every city has their own parking rules and regulations. However, residential vehicle regulations aren't always the same as those for commercial operations. Furthermore, food trucks often fall into their category of rules. To avoid tickets, fines, and even towing, double check the parking restrictions in your community ahead of time.

Strategically select populated or busy areas.

Strategy is the key to running a successful mobile food truck. The goal is to make your business as visible as possible to new clients so that you can build a loyal customer base. To achieve this, research your service area and choose your parking locations carefully. Opt for busy areas, like downtown and commercial districts, that offer an incredible amount of exposure as well as big events, like art and music festivals. Many food trucks also find success by partnering with local businesses to visit their street or parking lot weekly or bi-weekly.


Park on the wrong side of the road.

mobile food truckWhile you want to make food service as easy as possible for your customers, it's also important that you don't put them in danger. Even if it's a one-way street, only park your truck so that your service window is facing away from the street. This arrangement prevents your customers from walking into traffic when ordering your delicious cuisine.

Be afraid to park away from the pack.

Mobile food trucks often end up parking in packs because they're chasing the numbers in the busiest locations. However, if you're unable to get a prime spot on that street, the heightened competition may result in your business being overshadowed. This situation is particularly common with new ventures who have yet to make a name for themselves. If you fall into this category, consider breaking away from the crowd and parking on a busy yet underserved street nearby.


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