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3 Tips to Prepare Your Client’s Face Before Applying Makeup September 17, 2018

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Client’s Face Before Applying Makeup, Seymour, Connecticut

In most cases, foundation and other makeup should not be applied to the face without first preparing the skin. Those with beauty school training will be the first to tell you that if you don’t lay the groundwork, the makeup will not go on evenly or stay all day. To avoid this, use some of their tips listed below the next time you are hired to beautify someone.

How to Prep Your Makeup Client’s Skin

1. Cleanse & Tone

According to beauty school experts, makeup should always be applied to clean skin. So, before applying anything, have your client wash their face with a gentle cleanser. A cream cleanser will offer moisture to dry skin; a gel or foam cleanser will strip away oils and dirt. For those with combination skin, they should select a product specifically labeled for both, and sensitive skin clients will need something much gentler — such as a plant-based solution — to avoid redness. Afterward, they should pat dry their face before applying an alcohol-free toner to remove any residue.

2. Moisturize

beauty schoolNext, you should apply a light, SPF-based moisturizer to their skin. Beauty school professionals suggest using an oil-free product if the client has oily skin. Conversely, someone with dry skin might require a thicker moisturizer. These individuals might also benefit from a vitamin-based or anti-inflammatory serum, just remember to add it before the moisturizer. Also, add small dollops of moisturizer at a time and softly press them into the skin. This way you can add more as needed and avoid making their face too oily.

3. Prime

About five minutes after applying moisturizer, you can begin adding primer. This will help to fill-in visible pores and fine lines and ensure their makeup wears for a long period. Each colored primer has different benefits. Blue is used to brighten skin tone, green corrects redness, and brown or yellow can alter facial colors without the need for a darker or lighter foundation. Select a silicone product if you are trying to fill in a lot of pores and lines; however, if the client has oily skin, use a water-based option to avoid clogging their pores.


If you want to learn more ways of applying makeup and making people feel beautiful, contact Oxford Academy of Hair Design based in Seymour, CT. This beauty school prepares individuals across Connecticut for successful careers in hairdressing and cosmetology. They provide quality theory and practical esthetician, hair, and makeup education. They also teach clinical skills necessary for obtaining licenses and running a business. Learn more about this cosmetology school’s programs today by calling (203) 286-4533 and visiting their website.

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