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3 Tips for Senior Animal Care September 18, 2018

Prairie du Chien, Crawford
3 Tips for Senior Animal Care, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

Owning a pet is incredibly rewarding as dogs and cats bring love, affection, and entertainment to your household. In their golden years, animals do require a little more attention and care from a veterinary clinic to stay healthy and comfortable. If you have a senior pet, consider embracing the following tips to ensure your beloved furry friend enjoys a long, happy life. 

3 Care Tips for Senior Animals

1. Schedule Annual Tests at a Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary ClinicAnimals are prone to age-related health problems, such as vision and hearing loss, arthritis, cancer, and kidney disease. With this in mind, schedule annual pet exams at your veterinary clinic. By requesting blood tests and lab screenings from your veterinarian, you’ll have a clear picture of your pet’s overall health and whether they require additional medical attention to stay healthy. 

2. Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

If your elderly pet is having trouble navigating stairs or jumping onto the couch, consider making adjustments to your home to avoid unnecessary pain or injuries. Investing in pet stairs or creating a soothing space with easy access to food, water, and a cozy sleep spot—without having to jump—will greatly improve their quality of life. Remember to have blankets or even pet sweaters handy as older dogs and cats often get chilly in colder seasons. 

3. Monitor Daily Behavior

Most importantly, pay attention to your pet’s daily behavior. Are they refusing to eat, acting lethargic, panting unnecessarily, or unable to control their bowel movements? If so, call your veterinary clinic right away for advice on the next steps. 


Tender Care Animal Hospital is a trusted veterinary clinic that proudly serves pet owners throughout Prairie du Chien, WI, and its surrounding areas. With over 15 years of experience and a commitment to fear-free care via medication, treats, and positive reinforcement, you can trust this veterinarian to provide top-notch treatment. To schedule an appointment for your furry friend, call their friendly team today at (608) 326-7101 or visit them online

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