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Understanding Speech or Language Delay in Your Child October 5, 2018

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Understanding Speech or Language Delay in Your Child, Grand Island, Nebraska

As a parent, you do everything you can to encourage healthy development from your child. However, factors outside of your control can hinder this growth. For some children, these challenges may come as a speech or language delay. By understanding these delays and talking to your pediatrician, you can help your child develop and succeed. 

Speech or Language Delay in Children

What Are Speech & Language Delays?

The first several years of your child’s life are critical for speech and language development, but some children may develop speech or language delays. Children with a language delay have difficulty with understanding and communicating ideas, so they may not be able to put words together into sentences or understand sentences communicated to them. Those with speech delays have the ability to understand and communicate ideas, but might not be able to say the words properly. 

What Causes These Delays?

A language delay may be caused by a variety of factors, including a hearing impairment, intellectual disability, or autism. Speech delays are often associated with oral impairments that limit their ability to form sounds or make them flow smoothly, such as with a stutter.

What Can Parents Do?

pediatricianIf you are worried about your child’s speech or language development, the best step you can take is talking to your pediatrician. They can assess your child or refer them to a speech language pathologist. With a team of child development specialists on your side, you can go over potential diagnoses and begin treatment for your child. 

What Treatments Are Available?

Speech language therapy is one of the most common and effective treatments for speech or language delays. In addition to this therapy, your pediatrician will address any underlying conditions that may be contributing to a delay. The specific treatment course will depend on your child’s age, and it’s important to schedule follow-up appointments with your pediatrician as recommended. 


If you’re concerned about your child’s speech progress and want to consult with a physician for a specialist referral, make an appointment with the team at Children & Adolescent Clinic PC in Hastings, NE. This team of qualified pediatricians uses the latest in childhood medicine to provide the best possible preventative care for your family. From nutrition to mental health, these doctors take a compassionate and individual approach to all patient care. For more information on their services, visit their website or call (402) 463-6828. 

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