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5 Inquiries to Help You Find a Reliable Adult Day Care September 17, 2018

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5 Inquiries to Help You Find a Reliable Adult Day Care, Croghan, New York

Adult day care is a fantastic option for people with special needs as well as seniors who need everyday assistance. Not only do these facilities ensure your loved one is secure during the day, but they also offer many fun activities to help a person expand and grow. If you want to verify the adult day service you choose is sufficient for meeting diverse needs, the following inquiries are helpful.

When Looking for Adult Day Care, Keep These 5 Questions in Mind

1. Is Transportation Included?

If your loved one has a hard time getting around, transportation can be difficult. Fortunately, many adult day care centers offer transportation, including vans equipped to safely transport people with mobility issues. If this is available, be sure to ask whether it requires an additional cost.

2. What’s the Staff-to-Participant Ratio Like?

There should be enough staff members to properly see to participant needs. This is especially important if your loved one needs help preparing meals or performing basic tasks. When staff is lacking, those who are being cared for may receive inadequate service.

3. What Are the Hours of Operation?

Adult day careSome families may only need assistance a few times a week while others require full-time help all five days. Make sure the day care center is equipped to meet your needs in terms of scheduling. Also, consider choosing a center that offers 24/7 accommodations, as that will afford you a great deal of flexibility.  

4. What Kind of Credentials Does the Staff Have?

When caring for individuals with special needs, it’s essential for the staff to have the proper credentials. This includes extensive training as well as certification, which establishes that the services offered follow all pertinent guidelines.

5. Is Insurance Accepted?

A good facility will offer a few different payment options. If you have insurance, be sure to ask whether your specific plan is accepted. A day care facility should also be willing to accept private pay in case you lack insurance and should provide different types of services, so all families can find an affordable option.


In Onalaska, WI, the team at Coulee Region Adult Day Center goes above and beyond to meet the above criteria. The highly trained and compassionate staff are available 24 hours a day to guarantee their residents always have a place to go. In terms of activities, they do arts and crafts, story time, and even day trips. They have group homes as well, so your loved one can thrive in a safe and friendly environment among his or her peers. If you’d like more information on enrollment, call (608) 519-2306 today. You can also visit them online to see their complete list of services. 

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