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Why Collision Coverage Should Always Be Part of Your Car Insurance Policy October 5, 2018

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Why Collision Coverage Should Always Be Part of Your Car Insurance Policy, Florence, Kentucky

As a responsible driver, you understand the importance of having a solid car insurance policy for every car you own. Though basic liability coverage is required by law, it won’t protect you from every type of accident. Every insurance provider offers different types of insurance policies designed to offer more complete protection for your car. Collision coverage is one such addition that can make those unexpected accidents easier to handle financially. Here’s why collision coverage is such an important investment for every policyholder.

State-Required Car Insurance Policies Don’t Cover Collisions 

When you’re purchasing insurance solely to satisfy the state and register the vehicle, the policy only offers certain protections. These policies protect you from liability suits if you’re at fault in an accident and often cover the cost of medical treatments for the other driver. It won’t help you cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle. By adding collision coverage, your car will be protected whether you’re at fault or not.

Your Lender May Require It

Car AgencyJust as some mortgage lenders require homeowners insurance, many auto loan providers require more than the minimum car insurance coverage. They’re free to require collision insurance, comprehensive coverage, and any other type of policy that keeps your car safer in the event of an accident. If you fail to purchase coverage as part of the financing conditions, the lender may add the cost of the policy to the loan amount and purchase one for the vehicle.

Repairs & Replacements Are Expensive

Without collision coverage, the full cost of replacing a totaled vehicle is yours to bear out-of-pocket. The same is true for repairs. Even minor damage can cost thousands of dollars, putting a strain on your monthly budget. By investing in collision coverage, you’ll be protected from most of the up-front costs. All you’ll have to do is pay the deductible amount, even if the vehicle is totaled and can no longer be driven.


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