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How Are Bail Bonds Determined? September 17, 2018

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How Are Bail Bonds Determined? , Rocky Fork, Missouri

When a person appears before a court following an arrest, the judge sets the amount of money they must pay to avoid police custody while awaiting trial. Known as a bail bond, this money ensures the defendant will attend the trial; it’s paid back following the court appearance. Since bail bonds range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, many people rely on bail agents to put up the money in exchange for a fee—usually around 10% of the bail amount.

What Factors Affect Bail Bond Amounts?

Crime Severity

The severity of the crime greatly influences bail bond numbers. Minor crimes that do not involve bodily harm, threat of harm, or the theft of significant money rarely result in large amounts. However, major felonies, in comparison, usually cost thousands in bail bonds.

Criminal History

bail bondsJudges always look at a defendant’s criminal history before determining bail bond amounts. Those with outstanding warranties or past convictions pay higher bails than individuals with no previous arrests or legal issues. If the defendant has a history of engaging in criminal activity and was recently arrested for a serious crime, bail might be denied.

Flight Risk & Mental State

A mentally sound defendant with no previous convictions or obvious desire to flee the state or country can expect a small bail bond. Conversely, any defendant who is deemed a threat to others will be denied bail. The same is true if the individual is considered a serious flight risk. Bail bond agents do not usually work with such people because of the money they could lose.

Community Involvement

How involved the defendant is with their community also gets reviewed by a judge. Those who volunteer or otherwise participate in community projects and events typically receive lower bail bonds, assuming the charge is minor, there are no past convictions, and the individual is of sound mind and body.


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