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3 Advantages of Having 1 General Contractor Handle Your Whole Project September 21, 2018

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3 Advantages of Having 1 General Contractor Handle Your Whole Project, Bluefield, West Virginia

When you’re embarking on a home improvement project, the more companies you involve, the more confusing and complex the project may get. For the best results, it often makes the most sense to rely on a single general contractor who you trust. Here is a rundown of the many benefits of working with just one party. 

Why You Should Use a Single General Contractor 

1. Consistency

When you have someone working on different parts of your house, it’s pivotal that they share a philosophy and have an ungeneral contractorderstanding of what the other party is doing. Otherwise, the driveway, for instance, may be out of sync with your new retaining wall. With a single general contractor, employees from the same team will be working on all projects, so you’ll have a much higher chance of achieving that consistency. 

2. Communication

One of the greatest assets of relying on the same general contractor for various home improvement initiatives is improved communication. Instead of having exchanges with other contractors with whom there is little or no working history, employees will be working with co-workers they know and trust. As a result, communication is likely to be much more fluid, making it easier to hit targets while minimizing misunderstandings and errors. 

3. Speed

Since everyone working on your home improvement project is on the same page, you’ll also see substantial gains in speed. Instead of spending energy organizing meetings and catch ups with other contractors, a single team will have a timeline they keep. When different contractors work together, their schedules may not align as well, causing the delay of a day here and there, and a much slower overall schedule. 


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