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3 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for a Growing Family September 14, 2018

Upper East Side, Manhattan
3 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for a Growing Family, Manhattan, New York

For most homeowners, their kitchen is already one of the most used rooms in their house. When a spouse and children are added to the mix, this usage goes up drastically. Kitchen remodeling can help you make the most of the space and make it a comfortable area to accommodate everyone in your household. Here are some design tips to make the room spacious for eating, cooking, and relaxing.

What Kitchen Remodeling Designs Are Good for Growing Families?

1. Have a Table Custom-Made

Your kitchen table should be able to seat your entire family and fit comfortably into the room. However, if you aren’t sure how much bigger your clan is going to get, purchasing a custom-made table comes with benefits. You can have it created with an insert extension so you can provide extra seating as your family grows or for when you have guests over.

2. Install an Island & Seating

kitchen remodelingAn island can serve as a place to prepare food as well as an area for children to complete their homework. So, make sure you have enough room for all of these activities. Also, there should be enough seating for everyone in your family and possibly a couple of extra seats for when you entertain guests.

3. Add Extra Food Storage

As your family grows, so will your grocery needs. Kitchen remodeling is the perfect time to add a deep, walk-in pantry that allows you to store all of these extra items and keep them organized to your liking. In this same vein, you might also consider upgrading to a bigger refrigerator that will allow you to hold meals and snacks easier.


If your family is getting bigger and you’ve realized your kitchen will no longer meet all of your needs, stop by Valley Design Center in NYC. Since 1980, they’ve been making bathroom and kitchen remodeling a one-stop affair. Their showroom is filled with all of the appliances and features you’ll need from high-quality brands like Kraftmaid™, TOTO®, and Great Northern Cabinetry®. Plus, their in-house staff will work with you from the design stage through to installation. For more information about their home improvement products and services, call them today at (212) 832-4200 and visit their website.

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