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What Should You Drink With Seafood? September 14, 2018

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
What Should You Drink With Seafood?, Gulf Shores, Alabama

There are a wide variety of seafood options that are perfect for any palate, making it a fantastic meal for lunch, dinner, or an after-work snack. To further enhance your dining experience, it’s important to select the right beverage. So, what should you drink with your fish to create a savory flavor pairing? The team at DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen in Gulf Shoes, AL, offers a simple guide below.

Which Wine to Drink With Seafood

Generally, it’s best to stick with lighter wines when you’re eating fish, so pick a white vintage or a rose from the menu as opposed to a red. If you’ll be having oysters for your meal, pick a light, bubbly wine, like champagne or even a dry rose. The latter also goes well with crab, lobster, and mussels, especially if the dish comes with a cocktail sauce for dipping on the side. If you have your heart set on a red wine, make sure the dish you order is rubbed in Cajun spices or cooked Italian style, as these sauces go perfectly with cabernet sauvignon and other similar choices.

Which Beer to Drink With Seafood

seafoodNot a wine fan? Fortunately, many marine dishes also go perfectly with a cold, refreshing beer. If you’re ordering a fried dish, select a wheat ale. Oysters are known for going incredibly well with a delicious stout, while scallops and fried calamari should be paired with an IPA. If your seafood dish is on the sweeter side, order a pilsner to complement the flavor.

For fresh, delicious seafood in Gulf Shores, head to DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen. They’ve been voted the best in the community 14 years in a row and offer a fantastic menu that’s filled with old favorites and dishes that change depending on the catch of the day. Come and enjoy lunch or dinner with a delicious wine or beer in their gorgeous dining room. To learn more, call (251) 948-7294 or visit them online today.

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