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3 Reasons to Teach Your Child How to Sew September 14, 2018

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3 Reasons to Teach Your Child How to Sew, Dothan, Alabama

Children who learn the art of sewing can enjoy the many benefits of being able to fix or alter their own clothes. They may also find a new favorite hobby with which to express themselves. To provide further insight into the perks of sewing machine mastery, Dothan Sewing Center in Dothan, AL, shares three reasons to teach your child how to sew.

3 Benefits of Imparting Sewing Machine Skills to Your Child

1. They’ll Become More Resourceful

Children can be highly active, so frequently torn or damaged clothing often comes with the territory. Fortunately, sewing is a great way to help your child become more resourceful, as they’ll gain the skills needed to alter and repair their clothing independently. They’ll be able to take great pride in their ability to fix torn seams, tailor clothes for a better fit, and replace buttons and zippers all on their own.

2. They’ll Develop Fine Motor Skills

sewing machineAs children grow older, they will need to rely more on fine motor skill development. Sewing is a great way for children to develop this skill in a productive environment. By focusing on getting the sewing machine needle to weave in and out, your child will learn how to fine tune his or her movements while developing a sense of patience in the process.

3. They’ll Enjoy a Creative Outlet & Socialization Opportunities

If your child begins learning how to sew by taking classes, he or she will have the opportunity to meet new people who enjoy the same hobby. This can be a great way for your child to form life-long friendships with those who have similar interests. Besides the practicality of being able to sew, your child may also enjoy the creativity sewing affords crafters who take on artful projects, too.

If your child is ready to master the art of using a sewing machine, look no further than Dothan Sewing Center in Dothan, AL. With a talented staff dedicated to helping new sewers hone their skills, this craft and sewing machine store can assist with everything from embroidery to heat transfer vinyl. To speak with a professional today, give them a call at (334) 794-3177, or visit their website for a listing of classes available to all ages.

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