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3 Powerful Platforms for Content Marketing September 14, 2018

Miami, Miami, FL
3 Powerful Platforms for Content Marketing, Miami, Florida

Content marketing is the modern business owner’s best tool for engaging their target audience online. By providing valuable, relevant content to potential and existing customers, this innovative form of marketing increases brand visibility and sparks interest in a company’s products or service offerings. While there are endless possibilities for disseminating information online, here are a few of the most popular platforms to consider.

3 Practical Platforms for Content Marketing

1. Blogs

One of the simplest mediums for communicating with your target audience is a blog. By creating engaging pieces, you can expand your outreach and establish your company as an authority in your industry. Of course, to support your professional image, blog posts should be well-written and error-free. Maximize your blog’s outreach by sharing links across your company’s social media accounts once a new post is published.

2. Podcasts

content marketingPodcasts have gained increasing popularity since their inception. Nowadays, nearly half of all Americans above the age of 12 listen to podcasts, making this source an excellent way to reach a large customer segment. For best results, choose a focus topic for each episode and be sure to give listeners a variety of ways to listen across various devices.

3. Videos

Informational videos, such as how-to guides, can also expand your business’s outreach. Like blogs, videos can be shared on your social media platforms, thereby increasing your exposure to the friends of people who like and share your content. To boost your videos’ appeal, keep them brief: the average YouTube video is just over four minutes in length.

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