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How Modern, Unibody Vehicle Construction Affects Collision Repairs September 7, 2018

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How Modern, Unibody Vehicle Construction Affects Collision Repairs, Covington, Kentucky

In previous decades, vehicles were manufactured, so the body and frame were two separate components. Then, auto manufacturers adopted a newer, safer method called unibody construction, where the frame and body are all now a single unit. This type of construction incorporates "crush zones" and other features that minimize injuries to occupants during an accident or collision. However, this modern manufacturing trend affects collision repair in a number of ways. Below, Crone's Auto Body, the most trusted and reliable auto body shop in Covington, KY, explains how unibody construction impacts bodywork.

Body-on-Frame Repair

Older model vehicles were manufactured using body-on-frame construction, in which the body was mounted to the frame, but they were separate entities. Thus, damage to the body—which is often purely cosmetic—did not necessarily result in damage to the frame, which often results in safety or handling problems. However, that all changed with the adoption of unibody construction.

Unibody Construction

collision repairAlthough modern vehicles are much safer for drivers and passengers, the use of the unibody and the fact that everything is interconnected mean that even minor damage to the body can result in frame damage and, therefore, safety or handling issues.

Unibody repair is often expensive, so your insurance company might decide to "total" the vehicle rather than repair it. This has led to the misconception that any amount of frame damage means your vehicle is done for. That's not true at all. A good collision repair shop can do wonders using modern equipment and techniques.

Damage to the "body" of your unibody vehicle might result in simultaneous damage to its frame. This can lead to more complex and costly collision repairs. For expert automobile painting, unibody repair, and frame straightening, contact Crone's Auto Body, serving the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area. They offer fast, reliable work and exceptional customer care. Visit their website to connect with them online, or call (859) 356-1800 to schedule an appointment.

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